Get Paid $$$  for your writing :

Blogspc is looking for multi year experienced tech blogger,who is very passionate about blogging and having large set of followers. We also like blogger to write according to latest trends and need,that can drive great page views for the blog.

Professional Blogging :

Pc Tips & Tricks ,System tools & utility,desktop software,Android,Iphone,Windows,linux,Mac,Internet,Social Media,Web Startups,seo


  1. Every post should have Minimum 1000 words .
  2. Post must meet our content guidelines
  3. Blogger should have active facebook/twitter/Google + Profiles
  4. Blogger should have multi year experience in tech blogging and have worked for reputed blogs.
  5. It should take at least 1-2 days to make post if It’s well researched.
  6. Post must be will- researched,unique,fresh.
  7. Content should be easy to read,conversational tone.(Native English speaker Preferred ).
  8. Post should be seo optimized ( you should post seo friendly article,otherwise will be rejected).
  9. Should make interest and increase readership

Payment :

  1. We pay  per published post based on you experience .
  2. If your post  has performed well and had huge response, we will send you what we paid earlier as bonus.
  3. Payment will be made by PayPal account on same day, you have to invoice us first.