Windows Media Components for QuickTime – Play Windows Media files in QuickTime Player

QuickTime by default will not be able to play Windows Media File (.wmv and .wma). So when you want to play that file format (.wmv and .wma)  you have to download and install Windows Media Components for QuickTime

By using Windows Media Components by Flip4Mac™, you can play file format Windows Media Files (.wma and .wmv) directly from your QuickTime Player and also will be able to see or play Windows Media Content which available on the internet from your browser.

System requirements :

  • Intel or PowerPC G4 and G5
  • Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
  • QuickTime version 7.0 or later (for free Player)
  • QuickTime Pro version 7.0 or later (for exporting movies in Player Pro, Studio, Studio Pro and Studio Pro HD)

Check out Windows Media Components for QuickTime for details and download

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