Windows 10 Review: The much needed Windows for Each PC


Finally Microsoft opens up the veil and this time it is no Windows 9 as the successor of Windows 8, instead Microsoft Jumped one iteration and moved on to release Windows 10. However Windows 8 was not a universal success and Microsoft have brought in lot of features to hold on their PC users with their upcoming Windows 10. The company rolled out a technical preview for users to experience what’s in store for them. The new Windows 10 will makes its entry into the market globally by Mid 2015. The Technical Preview is available on the official Microsoft site. Anyone can download and install the Windows 10 preview and try out the all new environment packages.

Start Menu

The missing of start menu in Windows 8 was a major setback for Microsoft and this time they were not willing to repeat the same mistake and brought back their favorite START Menu in Windows 10. The new Start menu provides a breed of familiarity that exists on two levels. On one hand, the Windows 10 Start menu offers the ability to find and search through your list of apps, programs, and utilities.

On the other hand, there’s the Windows 8 Metro aspect of the refreshed Start menu, which may turn off some people who found the Windows 8 Start screen experience too jarring. Aesthetically, the Start menu now looks like it’s the offspring of the Start menu from years past, and the tiled Metro UI from Windows 8. To the right of your list of apps and programs, you can add tiled shortcuts to any Windows Metro apps of your choosing. You can also move the tiled shortcuts around at will, and re-size them. If you prefer to have larger icons in the Start menu, the menu itself will expand horizontally in order to fit them.

Multiple virtual desktops with Task View

Another great features that gets rolled out with Windows 10 is that it adds the ability to run multiple desktops on the same PC via a feature called Task View.

After opening Task View, all you have to do to open a new desktop is click a black rectangle with a plus sign over it. Once you have more desktops open, they’ll appear as individual tiles at the bottom of your screen, oriented in horizontal fashion. You can also pull apps that are open in one virtual desktop over to other ones, which is called “Snap Assist.”
Summary of the Best features of Windows 10:

Resizable Start Menu: The start menu in Windows 10 is adaptive, when apps are added to the start menu, the start menu resizes it all by itself. The best thing is that you can also resize the start menu to make it taller or broader as per your wish by just dragging it.

Windowed Apps: This is a welcome add-on to the new operating system, with new Windows 10, all the Windows applications from the market place will run in windowed mode.

Four Windows Simultaneously: You can do split multitasking with up to 4 apps by Just drag them to the corners. This will allow you to run 4 different apps in the Windows 10 operating system.

Suggestion by Assist for Snap Apps: As soon as you snap a window to the corner, you will be assisted for suggestions to snap other available apps.

However there is no word regarding the pricing of the new OS 10 and it is likely to make its mark by mid 2015. You’ll presumably be able to sign up for the Windows 10 Technical Preview here once the sign-up page goes live.

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