Why we need cross browser testing?

cross browser testing

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In olden days, web surfers are generally limited to make use of any one or couple of browser for their online usage. Those days have gone and now in this contemporary world we have got myriad major web browsers available which are available for free to download. As a web developer, you cannot limit web surfers within a specific set of browser since they may have many browsers under one roof. When your webpage move across multiple browsers generally there exists several defects being located in the webpage, for instance in case you own a ecommerce website and if any one of the items or contents is not displayed or visible to customer in the webpage they are viewing, then there are more possibilities that you could lose your customer and business to avoid these circumstances cross browser testing is widely used.

Popularly used browsers:

Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

When making use of above browsers the look and performance of the websites varies from browser to browser in terms of effectiveness. Therefore it is really important that your website has to be ideal with regards to all the browsers, particularly for those people who have a big share in the market.

Cross Browser testing has turned out to be compulsory for web developers to test website to perform effectively with different sort of browsers. Apart from this, cross browser testing aids to formulate some of the major codes like Javascript, CSS, HTML, JQuery, etc.) are backwards compatible. Therefore when you come up with your website it has to be checked across various browsers, therefore that all major functionality provides you exact outcomes in various browsers. As a result of the outcome of several browsers, an major demand for various tools for various tools for cross browser compatibility came into existence.

Here I am dropping some of the best cross browser website with their prices.


Browsershots is a free and most popular cross-platform multiple browsers compatibility test utility for web designers. Browsershots aids to have screenshots of your web design in several browsers. Apart from the screenshot features in Browsershots database are included in all the major browsers and you easily can determine and analyze how your website appears in various browsers and OS platforms.

Browser Sandbox

Browser Sandbox is created by Spoon.net and this enables you to perform among various browsers including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera right from your browser. Simple as that.


IE NetRenderer is free browsers compatibility tester. With IE NetRenderer you could easily check down how your website is rendered through various versions of Internet Explorer. After beta testing, very soon in IE NetRenderer will be integrated newest version of IE – IE10 and you will be able to see does your website shows errors in this browser.


Browsrcamp enables you to determine the compatibility of your design with Mac OS X browsers. If you don’t want spend money you can check compatibility of your design with Safari 3.1.2. Simply add your website url and you will get your website screenshot. But if you want check compatibility with others Mac browsers, you can subscribe for 3$.


Browsrcamp enables you to test and analyze the compatibility of your website design with Mac OS X browsers. In case if you don’t want spend money you can check compatibility of your design with Safari 3.1.2. Simply add your website url and you will get your website screenshot. But if you want check compatibility with others Mac browsers, you can subscribe for 3$.


Litmus creates screenshots of your websites as they look across all major web browsers. When you finish up testing your website, you will be getting a complete compatibility report prepared to review by your clients. Litmus comes up with 4 price plans. Either you can enroll for free and use only Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 browsers testings or you can choose charge plans.

Browserling is actually a new cross-browser testing app. It aids only a limited number of browsers (and not necessarily the newest versions), which makes it of limited use to some developers. It’s still in beta, though, so hopefully more browsers will be supported in the near future.

The free version comes with a five-minute session limit, and the developer version is $20 per month with no time limit.


Mogotest does complete browser-compatibility testing, including for private pages. There’s an API, so it can be integrated in your current tools and workflow. Mogotest also offers a website health report that tells you about broken links and pages, redirect loops and other issues common to new websites. The service also offer screenshot comparison tools for testing screenshots against each other as well as site-level testing including page consistency testing and individual page tests. HTTP basic and cookie-based login systems are supported as well.

There are two plans for individuals: a personal plan starting at $15 per month that lets you test up to 50 pages on three websites, and a freelancer plan for $45 per month that includes up to 10 websites and 350 pages. The team plans start at $125 per month and go up to $4499+ for unlimited access. The two highest-cost plans include custom reports.



Cloud Testing offers functional cross-browser testing. You record the user journey with your browser and Selenium IDE, upload it, and then Cloud Testing will run that script in multiple operating systems and browsers. It then provides screenshots and HTML and component diagnostics. No prices are listed on its website.


BrowserCam includes testing tools for both desktop and mobile browser compatibility (the latter is still absent in many other tools). It also offers remote access for live testing on Windows, Linux and OS X configurations, and email capture for checking your HTML, RTF and TXT emails.

Pricing for BrowserCam starts at only $19.95 per day for a single service (and $24.95 for the browser, remote access and email capture package), up to an annual subscription price of $399.95 for a single service (and $499.95 for browser capture, remote access, email capture and multi-user access, or $999.95 for all of those features plus device capture).

We have dropped the best cross browser testing website. Hope these would surely help you to find out the best one that fits to your requirement. Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed anything important!

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