Top Apps For Rooted Android

top apps for rooted androidThese days the popularity of android phone is on hike as it provides several unique features. But one big snag is that many of these features require the phone to be rooted. In order to get access to some of the greatest apps your phone must be rooted which is the essential requirement. Some of the top apps for rooted android are discussed in the below heads:-

    • Screenshot apps – This is one of the screen capture apps available for android phones. The most preferable screenshot apps are dropcap2. It invokes three trigger modes to capture screen. You can take a screenshot by shaking your phone through these apps along with a facility which enable you to add clickable trigger in notification bar. It also allows taking screenshot by using countdown timer.


  • Quick boot – This falls under the reboot apps which are available in the Android Market. It is the best reboot apps having very simple standard feature.
  • Wi-Fi tethering – It is one of the most brilliant apps for android root user through which you can share your phone’s internet through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to other PC. Is it amazing! This facility allows certain clients which includes WEP encryption. It works well as a temporary connection having little slower speed.
  • Titanium backup – This feature is required very much especially to the people who installs different ROMs. Through this feature you can easily take backup your apps and store them into your SD card which enable you to again restore them back to your new ROM. It also provides another important feature; it helps you to uninstall all apps along with root permissions.
  • ROM manager – It is most essential for root user and it includes various backup and flashing tools. You can download and flash easily the list of available compatible ROMs for your phone through this. There is also the feature to check updates of your ROM and you can manage android backups with it along with the tools to create partition of your SD card.

These are some of the top apps for rooted android users. Download it and enjoy their latest features.

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