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Top 5 tablets for kids

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    Top 5 tablets for kids
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    tablets for kidsThere are two types of parent in this world- one who do not understand the needs of their kids and others who understand that books and chalks have become a thing of past, kids no more learn the way they used to. They understand and learn things quickly if they can see it visually. If you are searching a tablets for kids you do have lots of choices, top 5 tablets among them are:-

    Leapfrog Leap pad

    Leapfrog makes it on the top for a couple of reasons. Firstly leapfrog has a camera which you generally don’t get in a kid’s tablet with a 2 GB in built storage. It has a reasonable price of just $99. It has 100 preloaded games and apps and it has several eBooks which narrates stories and keeps them busy

    Vtech mobigo Touch learning system

    Probably one of the cheapest this tab comes with a price tag of just $44.99. A unique feature of this tab is its physical QWERTY keyboard. But it generally lacks a few things like wide variety of educational content and apps.

    Nabi kids tab

    This tab is one of the coolest but at the same time has one of the most exciting features. It offers a wide range of preloaded interactive apps for writing, maths and other basic school requirements. It has a wifi, a camera with 4 GB of memory storage, microphone and a battery life of 5 hours of continuous use on a single charge.


    tablets for kids

    VINCI 7-inch Touch screen Tablet

    One of the most durable tablets in the market, it has handles on the sides and top. The educational content is really on par. one thing which can make you both upset and happy are that it is not enabled. This can definitely be good if you want to monitor the contents your child is viewing

    The Archos Arnova Child Pad

    This 7” tablet is worth its price, with a 1 GHz Intel duo processor, 4 GB hard disk and a 1 GB RAM. This tablet comes with preloaded android games like angry birds, Tom cat and many more. It includes lots of educational programs like general knowledge, geography and maths.

    So this was my top 5 tablets for kids and there are a few others which could not make it to the list.

    These five tablets will obviously enhance your kid’s skill to adopt thing much faster than they could.    Just   make your right choice among the given tablets and see your child grow in every aspect as   because there is always a room for improvement in every field.

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