Top 5 iPhone Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

iphone featuresYou may be proud to own an iPhone because it looks great and you get to show it off to all your friends. But you probably do not realize the full potential of this amazing smartphone from Apple. Calling, texting, web browsing and the occasional game aside, you probably treat your iPhone more like a showpiece than the superphone that it really is.

But don’t worry. We give you 8 features of the iPhone that you probably did not know about, which are guaranteed to improve your overall user experience. First thing you do is to ensure that your phone is running the latest version of the iOS operating system. If not, download and install it immediately.

1. Oops! Autocorrect

Admit it, you’ve cursed autocorrect out loud at least once after sending that, shall we say, “inappropriate,” text message to a person who was definitely not expecting such a message.

Not to worry. Identify the words you usually mess up with autocorrect and create a shortcut for these words. So the next time you mess up the word, your iPhone will automatically correct it and enter the correct word. Cool huh? To do this, just go to settings>general>keyboard and enter the desired word, along with the abbreviated word. Although it makes life easier for you (since now you just have to enter the abbreviated form and not worry about getting it wrong), it will take time to populate a long list.

2. Get rid of all your history

You lend your precious iPhone to your friend who just wants to check his email. And he accidentally runs into your history and cookies and there is an awkward moment.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Go to settings>Safari and enable private browsing.  Also clear all your cookies and history by tapping “clear history”, and then “clear cookies and data”.

Now no third party apps or sites will be able to track your activities. And nobody will know that you visited any particular site. The only downside is that now you’ll have to remember all the URLs since Safari will no longer help you out.

3. Faster browsing? Drop the “www”

Tired of waiting for your pages to load? There is a simple solution. Just drop the “www” that you type before every URL and you will save around 5 seconds while browsing.

4. Purge your call history

Don’t want people going through your call log? There’s a solution.

Go to the phone app, tap on “recent” and just swipe the phone number that you want to delete. You will see a red “delete” button. Just tap on it and that number is gone.

5. No limit on pictures per email

Earlier, iPhone users could only attach 5 pictures per email. But you can use the copy/paste function to add as many photos as you want! But do keep a watch on the size of your email- too many pictures and your mobile plan charges will give you a shock.

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