Top 5 Android Phones

top 5 android mobileThere is no doubt 2011 was the year of Android. The operating system backed by Google has literally flooded the market of smart phones. The latest indications tell us that every ten mobile phones purchased more than half are equipped with the operating system of the alien green. No wonder then if in our own personal ranking of the top 5  android phones of the year seven part of the Android team. And that three of the five are branded Samsung, the company that perhaps better than any other has been able to interpret the evolution.

1. New Motorola Razor:

As if that were not enough under the dress is too much substance, a brilliant display, an interesting system of streaming content from the remote PC (Moto Cast) and so-called smart  actions that allow to manage the smart phone on autopilot.

top 5 android mobiles

2. Sam sung S2 Galaxy:

There was the Razor to spoil the party at the last minute; the Galaxy S2 would certainly have won hands down. Sam sung can take comfort: the most celebrated of his galactic has been very successful in sales (more than 10 million units sold since May) and above showed us that the ‘ phone can be beaten. You only have to the right ingredients: ultra slim design, display and scream at the camera move with the times. The rest is Android.

3. Sam sung Galaxy Nexus

It has the advantage (not indifferent) to be the last to arrive and can take advantage of some last minute updates, first of all to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It would be excessive, however, place the last of the Nexus toys above the third step of the podium. Why certain choices (see the absence of a slot for Micro SD) are a little discussion.

4. I Phone 4S:

All right: all those who were expecting an apple Phone completely renovated in the aesthetics and dimensions were a little ‘disappointed. The new I Phone 4S cannot, but miss the top 10 of the top ten phones of the year. For the performance of its eight mega pixel camera of course, but also for the presence of site (although in our area still remains a mirage) and the reliability of its operating system, invigorated by the update apple Phone OS 5.

5   Sam sung Nexus S:

If the Sam sung Nexus Galaxy can be considered one of the three best phones on the market today owes largely to the Nexus S, terminal launched in the spring that has had the merit of bringing to form a number of innovative resources: Gingerbread, to begin (still the most popular version of Android), and then the NFC (the technology for proximity payments) and the characteristic curved display


Though this android phones posses built in extra ordinary quality and have very unique features. They must be tried once as they can be put in to best category of Android phones. Although we must keep in mind that we have to look for better as there is always a room for improvement in case of technologies.

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