Top 15 Free Instant Messaging Software

Top 15 Free Instant Messaging Software


Instant messaging is quickly becoming a more popular alternative to the traditional SMS text message. So we’ve rounded up top 15 Instant Messaging Software for keeping you connected with your close network.


By far the most convincing reason to download WhatsApp, which is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone, is the jaw-dropping size of its user base. This clearly makes sure that there’s an ultimate chance that your friends will be already be a part of it. Or soon will be.

What App brings in Cross-platform support, this means that you could get in touch with your friends irrespective of what sort of phone they can use. This is also yet another strong selling point. When moving down to the features when you receive a new message, group chats, the option to store time-saving stock messages you made earlier (such as ‘In a meeting’) and data encryption and you’ve got a hugely impressive package.

The only souring aspect is that you need to pay a small price to make use of WhatsApp unlike its competitors. However it is 1000 times worth the money particularly when you think you’ll probably never pay for a text message again.


Same like WhatApp, Libon enables you to send instant message to your friends for free of cost, store your conversations in the cloud and incase if you have an iPhone- you are able to send pictures as well as video messages too. What more do you need.

Apart from this it also sports Skype-style free HD calls to other Libon users, for additional savings, speech to text conversion for voicemails so it’s easier to pick them up and visual voicemail, giving you a visual interface for your voicemails.

It’s not just a very good instant messaging and calls service. It’s also a fantastic all-in-one solution with tons of ways to communicate in a single app.


Apart from the basic free instant messaging service, imo enables you to text to friends and family on most instant messaging networks such as Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype and AIM — by allowing you to sync your accounts. Adding more to the features it allows users to send emoticons, photos, video, and voice messages for free. Highlighting features entails group chats, push notifications, and voice calling, which Android and iOS users can utilize without using plan minutes.


Skype is so well known for video messaging that it has verb status. However, the software can be used for sending and receiving text messages. Skype comes up with 2 big pros – Of course it’s free (for instant messaging) and it’s accessible on every major mobile platform providing ample amounts of freedom. The best thing about the Skype app is that it works of Wi-Fi and a mobile data connection and is also supported on PC, Mac, some home phones and even TVs. Apart from this you could also send files.



AOL Instant Messenger, as AIM was once known, still has got large IM network and the easiest to access from multiple places and services. By making use of the AIM software, it is sure that you can get a few extras, such as easy capability to send IM as SMS texts, but mostly it’s about getting in touch with friends and family, irrespective of what PC or handheld (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile) you use. The new LifeStream feature makes sure the desktop software captures your social networking, as well.


This multi-protocol IM client is especially noteworthy because it was among the first to deeply put together social networking with IMs by including access to updates from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace. I e-mail, such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail, as well as POP3 and IMAP accounts. It’s nicely customizable in appearance, too.


Tops in the Web-based IM trade, Meebo gives you one account that lets you instantly sign into your individual instant-messaging clients with AIM, Yahoo, Google, Windows Live, and Facebook and use them all in a single interface. It keeps a transcript of conversations for future reference. Being Web-based keeps it light, and new features appear automatically, too. Mostly, however, it’s just a fast way to instant message with friends on the most popular networks without installing a bunch of unneeded programs. And the iPhone app? It’s priceless, despite being free.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger (YM) is an IM client that Yahoo!’s ads supports and keeps. It’s widely used anyone owning a Yahoo! e-mail account, can also use the same email ID in YM. It offers a lot of quirks: you can BUZZ people online, upload music as your status, create an avatar, and use a custom theme for YM conversations–just to name a few. It also allows webcam hosting, so you can keep in touch with peers online through video chat.


Another software that offers text, voice, and video chat through the internet is Paltalk. Here, you can create virtual rooms for the public, so you can feel free to make as much friends as you like.  The basic downloads are for free, although you can pay to upgrade and get better features. Paltalk also offers a Video Chat Widget, so you can see those who you’re mingling with in the virtual chat room.


Miranda is all about speed. This app has a tiny (1.6MB) install, loads fast, and supports instant messaging via AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and others (including old favorite Gadu-Gadu)—some by way of plug-ins. In fact, Miranda has over 350 plug-ins for everything from securing connections to saving instant messaging history.

MSN Messenger

Microsoft offers yet another IM program, in the form of Windows Live Messenger (WLM). It’s also known as MSN Messenger. So, what sets WLM apart from other IM clients? For one, it’s integrated with Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace, and Facebook. WLM also offers video chat–allowing users to keep in touch on a more personal online note.

KaKao Talk
KaKao Talk is a free app that lets you call and text anywhere at any time for free. All you need is a phone number. Not only does it support 12 different languages, but it offers fun alternative communication options like funny voice filters during phone calls, animated emoticons, and a walkie-talkie setting. Sending photo and video is also included, as are group chats, and rewards for adding a favorite brand as a friend.



WeChat not only provides free texting, but includes multimedia features like voice messaging. Using its “shake” feature, you can exchange information like photos and contacts with nearby friends. Users also have access to a “look around” feature that lets them see if anyone close by is also on the app.


Text for free from more than 100 countries around the world, with Pinger. With its photo-based interface, users are able to select a friend’s photo and view their texts, photos, calls, and voicemails in the same area. As far as texting goes, Pinger provides you with a phone number, where texts are unlimited. An added bonus is a feature that allows you to see when your sent text has been read.

Did we not mention a service that deserves to be named among the best instant messaging software? Leave a comment below to fill us in on what program you use and why you like it so much

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