Tips for You to Detect the Causes of Your Computer’s Problems

It is important for you to know the real problem from a computer you are using to maintain its performance and not having to deal with a problem in the future. These are basic tips for you to detect the causes of your computer’s problems :

Laptop/Computer works slowly
There are few factors that cause laptop work slow, such as :

1. Capacity of Hardisc :
See the used capacity of hardisc, if the capacity has been used 90% then the laptop may lack its performance rapidly. Then backup your rarely used archives to another media, for instance a DVD. Another alternative is adding the capacity of the hardisc, make sure if the space of hardisc is more than 20% .  To have the optimal hardisc do the defragment process regularly.

2. Virus :
Virus is one of the causes of slow loading on your computer, then why can a virus effect the computer to load slowly? Virus interupts the logarithm of an infected application, also generates a disturbing service. If you get the infected virus, use Anti Virus progam then scan your hardisc to have a better performance for your computer.

3. Installing too many applications :
every installed application may add a new load to your computer, select applications which you need more. If necessary uninstall applications which you don’t need or you can turn off the service program

Overheating computer/laptop

The overheating computer/laptop is due to a long periode usage and the device working too hard, or the cooling system isn’t working properly, the sign of improper cooling system is the fan sounds noisy.

Those are the common problems of  a computer, laptop or computing system-gadgets, which you may overcome by yourself without professional help, except for the complex ones.

(Input/Output) – Problems in Input/Output :

It is often that our computer based activity is not far from other activities, for an example eating, while working with computer and eating, the splinter/flakes and dirt from your meal will stick and if you do it too often, it will get into your keyboard and mouse. You may use a brush to clean the keyboard and use an alcohol tissue to wipe the mouse, do it regularly such as once a month.

If a VGA port, printer, LAN card are working improperly, you have to clean it first before claiming it for damage to the store/shop. The common case of an improper output port is dust in the output port will get into the computer’s port and it will block the transferring data process.

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