Tips for Secure Wireless Connectivity – Wireless Security Issues

Safety in the internet world is still a main topic, “The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team” recently released a study about Wireless Security Issues which often happens in  a public area where WiFi is available. The problem’s that often happens are “include wireless sniffing and shoulder surfing” which not lots of people know about.

Below are  6 tips that can help you to secure your wireless connectivity when you do internet activities using the wireless internet connectivity in a public area.

  • Only use public networks for non-sensitive operations. It’s easy to assume your firewall or encryption can save you from sniffers, but it’s best not to even risk it.
  • Use a VPN if possible. If you work for a company that gives you a virtual private network, why would you not use it to secure your wireless surfing?
  • Protect yourself from shoulder surfing. Some Internet crime actually takes place when people with binoculars across the street look at your computer screen through a window to see what you’re up to. Don’t forget to protect your actual computer screen by sitting with your back to a wall whenever possible.
  • Find a good encryption program. Pretty Good Privacy is a good option, or just use whatever email encryption program you like best.
  • Avoid evil twin hot spots by contacting an employee at the hot spot location to see what the actual network is called there. Then you’ll know you’re always connecting to a legitimate network.
  • Use HTTPS and SSL connections when possible. The extra security and encryption can make a big difference if you absolutely have to do sensitive things – like banking – at a public hot spot.

The six tips above may not protect your online experience totally while using Wireless, but it can protect  your information and keep it more safe. The best thing that you can do is to be more careful when using public hot spots.

Download : Wireless Security Problems (PDF)

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