Tips and Trick to Save the Battery of Digital Cameras

Battery is still one of the biggest trouble for digital devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, digital camera, etc. There are lot of applications (paid or free) to save your battery of your gadgets. other than using application, here I will give some tips for you so you can save your battery even more. and on this post I will also give tips to save the battery of digital camera.

It’s so important to save the battery for digital camera devices, can you imagine when we trying to get the precious moments and want to capture it in a photo but unfortunately our digital camera can’t be use because it run out of batter. Of course you wouldn’t want that, would you?

It’s recomended that you own and bring secondary battery, but even when you got secondary battery for digital camera, it will not be enough. It’s better when we trying to save the battery usage of the digital camera.

Here are 3 tips on how to save the battery on digital camera

1. Configure your LCD

From many component of digital camera, LCD is one of the component which drain most of the battery. lot of camera these days already have brightness setting to configure the brightness on your LCD.

If your battery starting to get low, reduce the brightness into the lowest level. need to be noted that lowering the brightness will make it harder for you to see at the LCD under the sun.

2. User ‘Power Saving’ feature

Most of the digital camera these days already have that feature. Like the name, this feature will do lot of way to minimize the battery usage. You can find Power Saving on one of the location, such as Menu, Setting, or Option. combine this feature with tips number 1 to be able to take more picture before the battery power drains out.

3. Do battery maintenance regularly

For the cameras battery which already run for one or two years will have some quality reduction. From being able to hold longer will be drained faster.

Tips to Extend Your Camera’s Battery Life

  • You are not advised to recharge your battery when the power was relatively full. it means use your battery first until it drains out.
  • Lastly don’t drop the battery at any height, because it’s potentially break the cell polarity inside.

Those are the tips which you can do to save your battery on the digital camera devices, so you won’t lose your chance to capture your special moment into a photo.

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