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Yahoo Messenger – Standalone Offline Installers

Posted by on August 2, 2012  |   Category : Tips & More  |   1,679 views  |  

Yahoo Messenger is a very popular Yahoo chat application which is used by lots of people until now. Yahoo! Messenger is actually a free IM client and can be used for Internet voice and video calls, messaging and chatting. For category “Instant Messaging Program” one 

Learning About Yahoo messenger IM Environment

Posted by on July 30, 2012  |   Category : Tips & More,Web Tools  |   616 views  |  

Nowadays we all are very busy with messengers on the internet. There are 4 different kinds of popular messengers. They are AOL, MSN, PAL and YAHOO messenger and all are free of cost. Those who are frequent on Yahoo messenger are quite aware of IMVironments. IMVironments 

Yahoo Messenger – Offline Installer

Posted by on April 25, 2012  |   Category : Internet  |   17,228 views  |  

Yahoo! Messenger has release the newest version, Yahoo Messenger Not much significant changes noticed from feature or interfaces. It might be a minor update remembering it's still on 11.5 version. But obviously that the newest version  from Yahoo! is better 

AbrLite (Ad Banner Remover Lite) for Yahoo Messenger – Remove Adverts from Yahoo Messenger

Posted by on December 5, 2011  |   Category : Internet  |   32,891 views  |  

For you who use Yahoo Messenger might feel a little bit uncomfortable with the ads found on Yahoo Messenger application. There are some ways to remove ads from Yahoo Messenger, but the easiest and fastest way is by using tools. One of the tools which can be used to remove 

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 – Offline Installer

Posted by on December 5, 2011  |   Category : Internet,Tips & More  |   152,285 views  |  

Yahoo has released their newest instant Messaging application by presenting Yahoo! Messenger The new released Yahoo Messenger 11.5 has a better versions then the older version. On Yahoo Messenger 11.5 now YM users can chat with multiple friends with only one