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Differences Between Cloud Linux and Cloud Server – Cloud Server/Hosting is not the same with Cloud Linux

Posted by on December 28, 2011  |   Category : Tech  |   2,225 views  |  

Lot of internet users and site owners still misguided and haven’t understand the differences between Cloud Linux and Cloud server, and my friend read advertisement from some hosting provider which offering cloud server/hosting with a really cheap price, but after check 

Explanation About Cloud Linux OS and The Advantages of Using Cloud Linux OS

Posted by on December 28, 2011  |   Category : Tech  |   2,523 views  |  

Cloud Linux is a paid operating system which based from Cent OS. What make it different from the other operating system is the LVE. LVE stands from Lightweight Virtual Environment, is a support form Cloud Linux (CL) technology which developed exclusively by cloud Linux team. 

Website Hosting Server Monitoring – Tagbeep

Posted by on July 27, 2011  |   Category : Tips & More,Web Tools  |   1,210 views  |  

If you are a webmaster/ blogger, then a hosting server is an important deal. Because if you have troubles with your server, it potentially makes your website or blog to go down and can not be accessed. So i consider that it is a must, to monitor your hosting server realtime. One