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5 Important Reasons Why it is Important to Turn off Computer Through Shutdown Process

Posted by on October 31, 2011  |   Category : Tips & More,Windows  |   2,170 views  |  

Shutdown Is a must to be done when we have done using our computer, but there are still some people who ignore it and directly push the power button to turn of their computer. Usually people who ignore the shutdown process are too lazy to wait for the shutdown process and 

Tips for You to Detect the Causes of Your Computer’s Problems

Posted by on June 27, 2011  |   Category : Tips & More  |   2,154 views  |  

It is important for you to know the real problem from a computer you are using to maintain its performance and not having to deal with a problem in the future. These are basic tips for you to detect the causes of your computer’s problems : Laptop/Computer works slowly There 

Cleaning Up Computer or Notebook Before Giving Away

Posted by on June 21, 2011  |   Category : Tips & More  |   4,251 views  |  

For all you computer or notebook users who must leave it in the computer service center or you borrow it to someone else there are a few things you must do. Don’t let other people know your important data. Below are a few tips about what must you do before handing over