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SpyNet Video watch Amazing Features

Spynet video watchThe SpyNet Video Watch could possibly be an ultimate ‘just-gotta-have’ spy gadget for any aspiring secret agent. In contrast to myriad number of preexisting spy watches inside the market, the SpyNet Video Watch fundamentally lives up to all of the media buzz and will likely be among the list of best gadgets for boys aged between eight and fifteen this year. You might think that this gadget could also lineup with the all other spy gadget that is already in the marketplace. If you are thinking so, then you are wrong. Spynet video watch is wrapped up with numerous features and options which helps you to spy your kids.

SpyNet Video watch Features :

Spynet video watch possesses a real functioning video camera and inbuilt microphone, so that you can record approximately record 20 minutes of videos and sounds. You could be amazed with its video and sound quality when you come to play audio or video. Moreover this video wrist watch also permits you to take still photographs and time-lapse shots as well.

Spynet video watch

One of the highlighting factors of this gadget is the lie detector ability of this watch. Aided by the tension level in your speech, it can easily determine and detects whether the person if lieing or being truthful. Awesome right! Adding up more to its features it has a voice altering function. This function can turn ones speech from healthy person into an ancient man, guy into girl or an adult to a kid. This is sure going to be loved by the youngsters and they love to play with time and time again.

More importantly you can record nearly 4 hours of plain audio and it can takes about 2,000 snapshots, masses of onboard ram and even the ability to download and upload missions via SpyNetHQ.com. As like with all the other gadgets you need to charge up well before you start to use. You can charge them via the USB battery charger that comes along with the gadget. The recharge of battery is quite nominal and you can get done the work of charging either via notebook or home Pc. You might think whether the data inside it could be erased in case there is no battery? The answer is no, you don’t lose anything because Spy net video watch is inbuilt with a fail-safe memory feature which maintains your data, secure and free from harm.


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