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VoIP Technology has caused a total revolution in the way people communicate through the internet, and Skype is one of the most used application as a VoIP application which you can get for free.

With Skype, you not only can make voice calls using your computer. Besides voice calls. Skype also has the standard multifunction instant chatting feature too ( typing a conversation, emoticon, user avatar, etc) and also allows you to have a video conference.

Video call on Skype is the main focus for the latest Skype version. The interface program has been re-designed totally. Skype has made a better video function. Your contact list on the toolbar makes it easier for us to manage the conversations that are active. You can also take snapshots of your own image during video feature is active.

Currently Skype is used to communicate online because the sound quality on skype is loud and clear. And skype is also used often as an alternative chatting application to replace Yahoo Messenger

Skype 5 features a complete interface overhaul that now focuses more on video chats, and also adds some handy improvements to the way you communicate online

  • Easy to use
  • Sharp videoconferencing mode
  • Keeps records of all your calls
  • Lots of features to improve your chat experience
  • Great sound quality in voice calls
  • Support for embedded local video on target video
  • Facebook News Feed

Get Skype Here : For Windows, Mac and Linux

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