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Generally each computer that uses the windows operating system will often be contaminated by spyware and malware. A computer that has been contaminated by malware will have problems in an internet connection.

In many cases the internet connection will become very slow or even not able to connect. Even when you re-install windows update or the service pack, it still will effect your internet settings so it will slow down the internet connection.

It will be difficult to repair the internet connection manually on Windows XP and Vista if it is caused by the above. Next is a freeware application, Internet Connection Repair (IRC) which can help you to fix the internet connection on Windows XP and Vista. This freeware will automatically repair your problem.

This free utility will help you :

  • Diagnose and automatically repair the most common Internet connection issues
  • Solve complex connection issues by providing easy step by step instructions for problems that cannot be solved automatically
  • Fix problems often associated with removal of spyware/adware or uninstall of network and firewall software
  • Repair registry and Winsock settings for XP and Vista
  • Pinpoint issues and direct you to the right support contact for further assistance

Download : Internet Connection Repair (ICR)

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