Program to Calculate Molecular Weight and Chemical Formulas

Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0 is a freeware which is very useful for students, teachers, scientists and chemical practitioners because with this software it will be easier to determine the molecular weight of an atom or molecule. With this program, no longer must we see the periodic table and count them with the existing formulas.

This software not only can calculate molecular weight, but also calculate the molar mass for some chemical formula. Inserting the elements of the periodic table is more easier for users to choose and know the atomic number and atomic mass number.

What is interesting from the Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0, is each time the cursor touches one atom in the periodic table, it will also reveal large atomic weight in grams per mole and also with their atomic numbers. For example, to calculate H2SO4, you only have to select the H atom, followed by entering the number 2, and S O and 4. Then, the results will appear 98.07948 in units of grams per mole

Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0 Features :

  • Easy to use molecular weight calculator
  • Calculate molecular weight or molar mass of any chemical formula
  • Insert elements from an embedded periodic table
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

Download : Molecular Weight Calculator 1.0

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