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Play Free Angry Birds Game OnlineAngry Birds Game is one of the most popular online game these days, its really fun and addicting game. Originally it was introduced on mobile and now as online flash game to play free angry birds game online. Fire your Angry Birds from catapult at those mad naughty piglets and get buildings to collapse on them. Here you feel you are an angry bird and you should get back the eggs which are stolen by a group of green pig evils! The pigs always try to hide in variety of different places to get escape from the angry birds! The Angry birds slingshot themselves in to the somewhere where the pigs hiding! Willing to blast them or making damage causing the pigs inside to be destroyed!The goal of this ame is to bring all the pigs out level by level.


So many different kinds of birds are there but the red angry bird is the only one available for the beginning! When you pass more higher levels other angry birds game with special abilities will be also available. Most of the pigs are green but there are different types of pigs too. Pigs are weaker and some are stronger and some pigs have helmets as armor to rescue them selves! You get points scored when pigs are being thrown away and/or when structures are damaged or destroyed on every season! There are bonus points also for number of used birds too. This is one of the most played game on the iPhone ever and of course this unofficial online flash game version also been popular on internet. Have fun firing your aggressive birds on those naughty pigs !

To Play Free Angry Birds Game Online Click here

If you are a chrome browser user you can play free angry birds game online in the chrome browser itself  here


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