Play Angry Birds on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Browser

One of most happening and popular game today is the Angry Bird Game and now it can also play by online through Google Chrome Browser. So for anyone who hasn’t felt the joy experience playing this game because doesn’t own an iPhone,iPad or the other android device, you can fell the joy playing this game by online now.

The online version of Angry bird has dozens of levels that you can  play and its similiar with angry bird in PC, iPhone or Android. Angry bird can be played on any operating system such as Windows, Ubuntu or even MAC as long it use Chrome or Firefox as the browser

Just enter the in your chrome or Firefox browser. After the game loaded fully it doesn’t go slow while playing. You can enjoy this game in two modes i.e. SD Mode and HD Mode. To play Angry Birds on all other browser which supports HTML 5 and Flash use this link to play this game directly :

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