pinterestPinterest is a photo social sharing website in which users can manage and create theme based collection of image such as interests, events, hobbies and more. Its main aim is to connect everyone from whole over the world through things on which they feel interest. Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp. This popular and well known website is managed by Cold Brew Labs and the funding for this website is done by a group of inventors and entrepreneurs.

Now let us see how to sign up for Pinterest. This can be done just by following a few simple steps as follows:-

  • Request an invitation for Pinterest by clicking on the “request invitation” box.
  • A new page will land on.
  • On that page specify your email id and finally request for an invitation.
  • Wait to get started.
  • When you will be already a part of Pinterest, login to the site with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Pinterest also shares delicious as well as healthy recipes on its sites. A very well rated recipe among those is the Pizza Casserole. It is explained in the site of Pinterest that just with the help of common items like egg noodles, tomato sauce, cheese, hamburger meat and pepperonis, you can successfully make “pizza casserole”. Go through the site of Pinterest for details.

These days many people are also showing a huge interest in Pinterest and are eager to interfere in Pinterest stock symbols which is a point to be noted about the popularity of Pinterest among the common mass. Pinterest is also popular for having awesome wedding ideas. Many users are overwhelmed by the productions of decorative cakes in weddings by Pinterest. Pinterest has done wonderful works at many other fields. Pinterest Chrome Extension is a major application based work of Pinterest for which it earned a great fame.

The main ans foremost ambition of Pinterest is to interlink the interest of various people and thereby connect them and form a network in terms of their interst such that each one can share their creative ideas and thereby a innovative world is formed.

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