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Recover Deleted Digital Photo from Memory Card with PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery

This week is busy day in our office. Tons of activities must be done. Every moments immortalized by camera. In the end of activity, one of the staffs here doing a “smart” thing. Playing around with the camera, and deleted all photos that I’ve took! I have no idea why he did that. I guest he wanted to see the photos, but “delete” button he pressed. All the photos were deleted! 

Honestly I’m little bit despiteful with him. But nothings matter, I’ve found the solution how to recover all the photos!. I tried to Google, but I’ve found all the recover softwares are shareware. And need cost to use it. I didn’t give up. Finally I’ve found an amazing software that can used by free! It called PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery.  Read More

Domdomsoft Manga Downloader 3.8

Manga is the Japanese comic book or graphic novel, with their stories of ninja, pirates, ghost hunter, world adventures, and so many more. There are some ways to read it. You can buy manga on book stores, as most people does. Or, you can read manga online and for free from online manga websites.

There are so many websites who provide online manga reading, but they usually provide only reading feature, with no feature to download desired manga. For that cause, we need a software to download manga. There’s one software, Domdomsoft Manga Downloader, that we can use to download mangaRead More

How to Get Retweeted and Become Popular on Tweeter

I bet that you want to have a bunch of followers and to be popular on Twitter. To get all that things, we can start from the little thing, make your twitter to be interesting, fun, and useful for others. By doing so, I’m sure that a lot of people will re-tweet your tweeter. And then, how can we make people re-tweet us?

Here are few tips to make your twiter popular : Read More

New Chat Solution for Facebook

This month, Facebook not only released video chat feature, but also added a sidebar on their appearance. Unfortunately, Facebook users don’t like it, most of them complaining about the sidebar, since it makes them uncomfortable to chat. Many Facebook user want to still use the old Facebook Chat.

For you who chat a lot on Facebook, I’ll give you a few tips and solutions to keep the comfort on Facebook chat. You can use a special page to chat on Facebook, and the chat appearance on this popout is completely fulfill the whole screen, so I think you’ll be pleased when you are chatting. Read More

FileMinimizer Pictures 3.0 – Free Compression Software for Your Images

Now days a social networking is growing and getting popular. We can says, Facebook, Twitter, and the newest Google+. Most of people are more addicted. Including one of my friend. I just received a called from my friend, he asking how to reduce size of pictures. As a Facebook addictive, he always updating his Facebook’s account with new share and pictures.

In this time I recommenced him to use FileMinimizer Picture. This is one of the greatest picture minimizer that I’ve been used for this last 2 years. According to Balesio AG,  the company who produced this tools, FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0 is distributed as a free full version! It’s great news for us Read More

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