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Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7

For you windows users who feels bored with windows interfaces but not really good at handling other OS such as linux, you can try to install Ubuntu themes for Windows7. By using Ubuntu themes you can feel the new atmosphere of Linux interface on your Windows 7. This themes is really suited for you who like the Linux interface without needed to Install real Linux OS on your system.

This theme consist of 15 images which is really “Ubuntu” that can automatically change itself every 20 minutes ( you can modify it). This Ubuntu themes also completed with audio which typically used for Linux Ubuntu. Almost no internal system changed, only color and background audio. Of course this wouldn’t disturb the performance of the computers windows.

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Angry Birds Space Theme for Windows 8 and Windows 7

Who doesn’t know Angry Birds Game, which from the first time launched until now have become one of the most popular games by the people, not only children but also adults. Angry Birds have released some version and episodes, and the newest version are Angry Birds Space which launched not long ago. For you who haven’t got your chances to play Angry Birds Space yet, you can download it on my post before here : Angry Birds Space Download

And for you who like Angry Birds, you can decorate your Desktop interface with Angry Birds Space Theme. has release a new theme for Windows 8 and Windows 7. This theme have 10 High Quality (HQ) walpaper of Angry Birds Space with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolutions.

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Tips and Trick to Save the Battery of Digital Cameras

Battery is still one of the biggest trouble for digital devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, digital camera, etc. There are lot of applications (paid or free) to save your battery of your gadgets. other than using application, here I will give some tips for you so you can save your battery even more. and on this post I will also give tips to save the battery of digital camera.

It’s so important to save the battery for digital camera devices, can you imagine when we trying to get the precious moments and want to capture it in a photo but unfortunately our digital camera can’t be use because it run out of batter. Of course you wouldn’t want that, would you?

It’s recomended that you own and bring secondary battery, but even when you got secondary battery for digital camera, it will not be enough. It’s better when we trying to save the battery usage of the digital camera. Read More

How to Disable Facebook Timeline

Lot of Facebook users don’t like the Facebook Timeline and looking for ways to change the Facebook interface into the old one. there are lots of reasons why people didn’t like the features of Facebook Timeline, such as it seems that it’s too complicated, not getting used to it, already comfortable with the old interface, and the loading seems to be longer and more heavy. Because of those reasons they want to change it into the old Facebook interface.

So for you who wanted to deactivate the Facebook Timeline interface can use an add-ons “Timeline Remover” this add-ons works on some browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. with “Timeline Remover” you can get your old classical Facebook back.

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Using Skype to Make Free Calls on Android Devices

For Android devices users, there are lot of way to make calls for free. One of it is by using Skype. You can make free calls using Skype on your android phone without any need to get extra charges such as regular call prices. and Skype Application can also be downloaded freely from Google Play Store.

Not only audio call, Skype on Android can also do video call and what’s interesting that you can also make free calls from Android devices to iPhone, Mac or PC which also using Skype. Read More

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