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How to backup wordpress site and restore it



backup wordpressBeing a WordPress site owner I myself have experienced several server crashes and loss of data many times. Hardware fails, and hackers will try to compromise your wordpress site. Having these stuffs in mind it’s is really turning out to be extremely important for wordpress site owners to relay upon tried and tested backup routine, as a result you can possess a full restore of your wordpress site at the times of unexpected circumstances. Lets look into how to set up backup wordpress site and restore them.

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How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

windows81updateThere was a major expectation over Microsoft Windows 8 when it was launched, but there was a mixed up response when users started to use Windows 8. However the much anticipated update, Windows 8.1, is now available which you can get access over it either electronically or via traditional physical discs in retail shops. Here is step by step process of upgrading to Windows 8.1 through electronic update from Windows Store.

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Tech Tips : How to protect your Internet accounts

internet-security1Security experts say passwords for more than 2 million Facebook, Google and other accounts have been compromised and circulated online, in last couple of years and just the latest example of breaches involving leading Internet companies.

Some services including Twitter have responded by disabling the affected passwords. However there present many things that you need to do in order to lessen further threats- although your account is not present in the 2 million that has been compromised so for.

Here are some important tips to aid you to secure your online accounts:

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Amazon unveils futuristic mini-drone delivery plan


amazon drones

imgcredit: abcnews

Online retailer Amazon announced Sunday that it is planning a new delivery service in which products would be delivered with the use of unmanned drones. Yes we are moving to next generation delivery system.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed an experimental drone-based delivery service in a 60 Minutes segment on Sunday. Bezos said the service, dubbed Amazon Prime Air, could be ready for customer use in “four or five years.”

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Nokia Lumia 1020 review

Nokia lumia 1020 review displayNokia is in a desperate situation and they are trying out everything that is possible to get back into the track of its past prominence. Samsung and other major companies have pulled back Nokia so much on its own playground. However Nokia went on going with its old school methodology and launched its flagship Lumia 1020. Get down to read the complete Nokia Lumia 1020 review.

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