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How to Disable Facebook Timeline

Lot of Facebook users don’t like the Facebook Timeline and looking for ways to change the Facebook interface into the old one. there are lots of reasons why people didn’t like the features of Facebook Timeline, such as it seems that it’s too complicated, not getting used to it, already comfortable with the old interface, and the loading seems to be longer and more heavy. Because of those reasons they want to change it into the old Facebook interface.

So for you who wanted to deactivate the Facebook Timeline interface can use an add-ons “Timeline Remover” this add-ons works on some browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. with “Timeline Remover” you can get your old classical Facebook back.

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Using Skype to Make Free Calls on Android Devices

For Android devices users, there are lot of way to make calls for free. One of it is by using Skype. You can make free calls using Skype on your android phone without any need to get extra charges such as regular call prices. and Skype Application can also be downloaded freely from Google Play Store.

Not only audio call, Skype on Android can also do video call and what’s interesting that you can also make free calls from Android devices to iPhone, Mac or PC which also using Skype. Read More

Google Play : Cloud Based Entertainment Center from Google

Google has released Google Play, the cloud based entertainment center which allow you to save music, film, ebook, and application online. We can access film, music, ebook, or application online from web, Android Phone, and Tablet anytime and anywhere we want.

Google Play combined some Google services such as Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBookstore. You can find Google Play Store which replace Android Market, Google Play Books which replace Google Ebookstore, and Google PlayMusic which replace Google Music on the newest services from Google. All data which we have bought before will still be available on Google Play, we only need to access it from our Google Account Read More

Angry Birds Space : Out now on iOS, Android, MAC and PC

Happy news for you Angry Birds fans, recently the game which released by Rovio released the newest series, Angry Birds Space. The newest release of Angry Birds Space available on all Application Store such as iOS Apps Store, Android Market, and Market Place on Windows Phone. Angry Birds Space can be played on Android Mobile Devices, iPhone, and iPad. For PC Windows and Mac Users will also be able to enjoy the newest version of angry birds space.

Angry Birds Space are the newest series of the most popular games for Smartphone and tablet, also the best game application on its class. Rovio cooperated with NASA to launch the Angry Birds Space version. Different from the previous version, the newest version have a more unique gameplay and background compared to the previous version such as Angry Birds Season or Angry Birds RIO

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TOP 10 Free Online Anti-Virus Scanner

Anti-Virus are really important to be owned on every computer no matter what operating system used. So it’s recommended that you install antivirus on your computer system so it can regularly scan and delete suspicious item which might be a virus. But sometimes only Anti-Virus program on our computer might not be enough, we might need “Online Anti-Virus Scanner” to scan a specific system or file.

The reason to use “Online Anti-Virus Scanner” is really simple. Online scanner is really easy to be used, you don’t need to install anything. The services provided by sites which provide Online Virus Scanner also have an up to date virus database. One of the advantage of using “Online Virus Scanner” is when you download a file from internet or other computer, you can scan the file before saving it on your computer. Read More

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