New Hard Drives Technology – The Benefits of SSD (Solid State Drive)

Harddisk is one of the computer key components, and it can be specified into some types, they are IDE, ATA, SATA, and SSD. Nowadays, the most used HD is the SATA and SSD type.

In this posting, I will talk about the SSD type of HD, and what are the benefits, regarding the production of the SSD type harddisk by most harddisk producers, which is considered as “new hard drives technology

What is SSD ? SSD (Solid State Drive) is a data storage media which is based on non-volatile memory type, and the memory used is the one with flash/solid-state type or mostly known as the one used in USB flash type.

As we know that the harddisk we’ve been using for a data storage is having a mechanical parts within, but SSD (Solid State Disk) media is using a USB Drive technology / computer memory and doesn’t have any moving (mechanically) parts.

Here are some benefits of SSD compared to the mechanic Harddisk (HDD) :

1. SSD power consumption is more efficient so that it is very suitable for mobile devices use. It means that the battery of the device will last longer after the charging time.

2. SSD has more data lifetime and is more durable (from physical crash). Thus the user will have less risk of losing data from any crash or hit accident of the notebook.

3. Relatively, SSD has more read and write speed than HDD. This means that by using SSD you don’t have to wait any longer for computer booting after you press the power button.

4. SSD has no moving parts which means that you will have no spinning noise and also no temperature problem (heat) like HDD’s.

Above all those benefits, SSD still has a flaw … it’s the price! Yes, I think the price is still pricy, beside the capacity issues of the SSD.

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