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Intransa_logo_VideoApplCertNative American operators of casinos, resorts, restaurants and medical centers are riding the crest of a wave of new technologies that include megapixel IP cameras, video management software (VMS), and NVRs for physical security as well as CAT Scans and MRIs in use in medical centers.

The output from these devices has produced an avalanche of new data such as video surveillance streams, photos and medical images and records that need to be stored digitally for easier access and longer retention. And legislation from Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) to HIPPA add even more burden.

Some of the challenges that Native American security and IT professionals face on a regular basis, include:

  • Watching for cheating and theft
  • Overseeing the health and safety of staff and guests
  • Meeting the particular requirements of the gaming regulatory body
  • Managing the overall business of the casino and its related components such as hotels

These professionals also have unique requirements that go beyond the casinos on their lands to the health and welfare of their tribes. For example, many Native American security and IT professionals manage medical centers as well as the tribes’ finances beyond the casinos.

An “outside the box” response to these challenges

The first response to meeting these surveillance needs has been to build in the storage component to the DVR or NVR recording device or other equipment. While this was a great first step towards a digital environment, there are many limitations to this approach. That is why many security professionals are now looking at the more robust technologies that have come out of the Information Technology (IT) market to address these challenges.

Intransa Solutions

Intransa solutions have been used by casinos, medical centers, and police agencies, including those supporting Native American technology needs.

With an Intransa VideoAppliance™, existing DVRs can be quickly connected and begin to benefit from shared, high performance and affordable video recording and playback capacity. This eliminates reliance on aging DVRs which often fail unexpectedly with subsequent loss of critical video. Best of all, the systems do not require retraining and other than improved reliability and performance with increased capacity, operations are otherwise unchanged.

IP cameras can also be supported, either as part of the CCTV DVR upgrade, or for new installations as a complete, all-IP solution. Intransa VideoAppliance™ ships preloaded with choice of the leading video management software (VMS) vendors in the security industry, eliminating the need for integration with commodity hardware, eliminating one of the weak points of many IP installations. The appliance includes Intransa’s video-optimized Video Data Management & Retention (VDMR) recording and playback capacity, overseeing the hot-swap disk drives, OEM-grade components and advanced data protection.

Intransa VideoAppliance™ VA100 and VA200 systems feature 2 or 4TB of built-in VDMR recording and playback capacity, expandable to 16TB, eliminating the need for commodity storage. Preloaded VMS software eliminates the need for commodity servers to host the video surveillance software, further reducing cost, equipment and the challenge of hardware that is not optimized for video needs.

Intransa VideoAppliance™ VA10, VA20 and VA30 systems are preloaded with VMS software as well, eliminating commodity servers. They can connect to VA100 or VA200 systems for video recording and playback capacity, or interface with Intransa’s external, modular VDMR platforms. These include StarterBlock™ (2 -16TB of recording & playback capacity), EdgeBlock™(6-51TB), or BuildingBlock™ (6-1,500TB), eliminating commodity storage for even the largest video surveillance needs.

Several hundred applications and products from leading video, security, technology and imaging vendors have already been tested and certified with Intransa solutions. To learn more about the Intransa StorAlliance Technology Partner Labs and the products that have been certified for risk-free integration with Intransa video data management and retention solutions for video recording and playback, visit here

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