Minecraft 1.8 Now Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, iPhone, Android, and X360

Have you ever played a game called Minecraft before? If you haven’t, I think you have nothing to lose to play this trending and popular game, and you can try the newest version of Minecraft, the 1.8 version.

Minecraft is a simple construction game based on JAVA and is inspired by games such as Dwarf Fortress, Infinimier, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and sort of those. Minecraft was developed and made by Markus Persson a.k.a Notch, all by himself for 12 months.

If you have no idea about the Minecraft’s gameplay, let me give you some clues of it. The objectives of Minecraft is to build houses, make tools, and build a weaponry to survive from the zombies and skeletons who jump out in the night.

MineCraft Zombies Server

When you are in the Minecraft, you are having no supplies at all, so you have to collect lumbers to build some tools or even excavate the caves to find some coal to light the torch. And I suggest you to do all that during the day, for zombies will hunt you down in the night.


Well, that’s all I have to explain about the gameplay I think, but you can explore more exciting and borderless gameplay since there are many mod available for Minecraft.

Minecraft has two game modes, Singleplayer Survival and Multiplayer Creativity (MMO). On Singleplayer Survival mode, all you have to do is to survive and build a dungeon or an underground city. You have to mine to collect the materials. Just be careful for the lava if you dig in too deep. You will also have lives that you’ll lose if you fall from height or be beaten by the enemies.

On Multi Player Mode, Users can download and run the server package that allows other players to connect to and play on their server. The Creative game mode allows you to build and destroy blocks in a manner in which you can build any sort of structure you would like.

Minecraft 1.8 supports and is playable for : Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, iPhone, Android, and X360

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