Microsoft Office 2013 Preview: Awesome Features

microsoft office 2013Microsoft has declared that they are launching Microsoft Office 2013 shortly. Few days back Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer outlined that the trail version of Office 2013 has been released, if it runs well without any problems then the authority will launch its full version. Steve also added that it is the “biggest most ambitious Office” update to date.This occasion was held at San Francisco. One thing is well estimated that the Microsoft will definitely upgrade something in office 2010 as they are launching Windows 8. This Microsoft Office 2013 has too many new and amazing features. The working experience in it is better than previous. Microsoft has made a number of cool, interesting, and very useful improvements to Word 2013.

Cloud computing: The new office 2013 consists cloud computing which offers better communications with the other computers connected through the LAN settings.

Word Collaboration Features: When you’re collaborating with other people on a document, being able to track the changes that each person makes is critical. This becomes much easier to do in Word 2013, thanks to a new feature called simple markup view.

Better access of PowerPoint an Outlook: The using of power point and outlook in this new version is easier than previous. The updated office contains more stuff which works nicely and better.

Aero picking system: Aero picking system is newly introduced on Microsoft office 2013. It helps to select items quickly during any work in office.

Modified ribbon bar: The office 2013 equipped with newly programmed ribbon bar. When any one wants to close it, then it can be done by clicking a small arrow at the right side of the bar.

Business application: There are some new software which are enclosed under this recent version of office. Those software will help the workers to set up their project works. The software is Link, Publisher and Visio.

microsoft office 2013


Microsoft is betting heavily on the idea that tablets are the future of PCs. Microsoft has done a great job of making the tools and functions of the various Office applications accessible from a touchscreen interface without lessening the capabilities.So the expectations are mounting high over the new office 2013 as there were solid review regarding the products in its preview version.

 If you’d like to check out Microsoft’s Office 2013 Customer Preview for yourself, you can download the software from here.

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