Make Free Group Video Calls, Video Calls, VoIP and Live Chat With Fring

Fring AppsFring is a video call application and also is an instant messenger, for devices with Android, iOS, and Symbian platform (on latest version of Fring, Windows Mobile is also supported).

What’s special of Fring is the DVQ (Dynamic Video Quality) that dynamically and automatically adjusts the video call quality according to the connection quality. The communication on Fring is absolutely free. So that you can chat and make a video call to any place in the world.

The leading feature of Fring is that it can connect more popular chatting applications such as Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN, and Facebook. And not forget to mention that Fring is also has a light and fast performance while loading the application.

Fring Chat Application for iPhone

You can get Fring application either for Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Symbian devices, directly from Fring website. Point Your Mobile Phone to to download fring

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