List of Application with the Level of Security Vulnerability

The Internet World is growing each day because of the more users using the Internet. And the threat towards the Internet users is also increased. Recently, Kaspersky launched the result of their reports entitled “IT Threat Evolution for Q1-2011” which discussed the threats that happened in the IT world in 2011.

One of the interesting reports is about the application with the level of most security vulnerability. And in the first quarter in 2011, Adobe took the first place as the application that has the highest vulnerability. Based on those Kaspersky’s reports, there are 40.78% that detected to have the application with the highest level of vulnerability.

Adobe application, Adobe Flash Player also took the second place of the the list with 31.32% percentage. The study that was performed by Kaspersky was done in all the computers that used Kaspersky’s application. From this report, Kaspersky successfully found 28,752,203 applications which vulnerable towards threat.

To see the position and the complete result, please visit this link : . One way to overcome this is that we have to always update the Adobe Flash Player application

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