lenova desktopAs per to the latest announcement committed by Electronics major Lenovo have launched world’s smallest desktop. The latest products ThinkCenter M92p and ThinkCenter M72e are tiny desktop that have ever launched in the market. Lenovo which is one of the India’s largest vendors of PC announced their latest achievement in the field of electronics and this gives a new turn in the world of PC.

These PC will occupy less space as compared to the other and also these consume much less amount of energy than other do. These PCs are reliable to users and offer quicker productivity with uncompromised security. These PCs comprised of various exciting features which will help users form different aspects.

lenova desktop

Exciting features that Lenovo ThinkCenter M72e includes are: –

  • This support VESA mounts which enables multiple mounting options and this is the first time that enables this feature in 1L Enterprise desktop.
  • It is geared with Intel Core which is the 3rd generation processor and is extended up to Intel i5 and stimulates the productivity.
  • Connecting features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
  • Have latest 16GB of 1600MHZ DDR3 memory.
  • It has power consumption facility that is achieved from well equipped Desktop Power Manager (DPM).
  • M72 gives highly efficient power supply units that enhance energy power savings.
  • Easy to do multi-tasking task.

Another PC that is premium graded offering by Lenovo is ThinkCenter M92p and it is considered as world’s smallest vPro. It has more advance features that makes it more powerful. The features that it contains: –

  • Configured with latest 3rd generation Intel Core processor along with vPro power.
  • Having better CPU performance.
  • High resolution graphics that provides quality display.
  • Supports three displays that are independent which are also referred as mosaic display and it can be achieved without giving any extra graphic support.
  • Comprised with USB 3.0, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Gives much better performance and is highly reliable.

This features together makes world’s smallest desktops ThinkCenter M92p and ThinkCenter M72e high powerful electronic gadgets.



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