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Learning Radiology OnlineIf you are a medical college, you can use learningradiology.com to get some solutions of your medical subjects. LearningRadiology website is designed and developed by Dr. Herring.

For the very first time, this website was dedicated to substitute “handout” notes of the practical doctor and the students of Albert Einstein Medical Center. But recently, LearningRadiology website has developed into a huge website, equipped with collections of lectures, notes, pictures, and “Case of The Week” which is intended to teach and educate (on-line) the medical students with real life and various cases.

Most cases on this LearningRadiology website is accompanied with additional pictures to ease the learning process. So I think the medical students can use the internet and website to support your learning.  You can also join to the communities on the website and share your ideas and thoughts with other doctors and doctor-to-be wordlwide.

Visit : www.learningradiology.com

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