Leaked Windows Phone Keyboard: Curved For More Comfort While Typing

Leaked Windows Phone Keyboard

Microsoft is never been silent in bringing newer technologies day by day. The brand was never been so cool in inventing start screens for both mobile as well as desktop. Microsoft is presenting the new windows keyboard which generally curves out of the bottom right side. It curves like an arc where you can use one of your thumbs for typing.


Must be wondering what is the use of such a keyboard, we are in a hurry now a day with our busy life. Imagine in case you need to hire a taxi as well as send an important text to send. You can text with your one thumb while busy flagging the taxi with another hand.

This innovative report comes from a leaked Microsoft research presentation. The key board is given a curvy design so as to fit in your thumb and the individual characters, alphabets are fitted in respective boxes like other keyboards.

This keyboard is quite predictive in nature which gives you an ample opportunity to type anything you want with complete freedom, if any mistake occurs it has a smarter brain to correct the mistake and predict the accurate keyword necessary in it. Due to its curvy nature it can fit in the screen easily so characters of the QWERTY keypad are divided into 3 or 4 in each box.

Leaked Windows Phone Keyboard

 I still think it is a good idea to use a curvy screen touch keyboard and yes it is ancient types but very much effective. Texting is the one thing we use pretty much than any other activity with our cell phones. So something being invented for our soft typing purpose is always appreciated so as this new windows keyboard.

This specialized keyboard runs with HTC trophy and soon we will be able to see this feature installed in many smart phones. According to this developing word, technologies are developing. So we never know what comes next there is always room for improvement.


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