How to sync iphone library with drop box.

How to sync iphone library with drop box.

How to sync iphone library with drop box.
Technology is progressing everywhere each day and iphone is just a current example of it. However there is a bit of confusion prevailing among users regarding how to sync iphone library with drop box. Apple has already launched ubiquitous Photo Stream and made it easier to share photographs between Macs and iOS.  But the problem Apple have limited them for only 1000 photographs which is not going to be enough for photograph needs. Therefore it is fortunate that iphone now introduced sharing of photos through external cloud services such as like drop box. In this post i will be guiding you to how to sync iphone library with drop box with step by step details, So that i makes it easier to get this done.

Step 1

Copying library

To synchronize your iPhoto library between your Mac with either service, you’ll need to locate the file for the existing iPhoto library in your Pictures folder. Copy the iPhoto Library file and then paste it inside the Dropbox or Google Drive folder in your user’s folder.  Make sure that you don’t actually move the file–we’re copying it so that we’ll have an original backup in case something goes wrong.

How to sync iphone library with drop box.

Step 2

Afterward, you’ll have to wait as all of your files copy over. This could take couple of minutes to get processed.

Next, you’ll want to paste in the copied iPhoto library file to your Dropbox or Google Drive folder located inside of your user’s folder in the Finder. You can do this by pressing Command + V while inside the Dropbox or Google Drive folder. For larger iPhoto libraries, this copy process may take a few minutes.

Opening the library in iPhoto

After the syncing , open the file in iPhoto by holding down the Option key as you launch the app. Choose the other library that’s not the default to make it so. Now, the iPhoto Library stored inside your Dropbox or Google Drive folders will be the default, and any changes you make will automatically sync into the cloud with each save.

Moreover if you want to move out of either Dropbox or Google Drive, you can switch back to your old iphone library at anytime by just reversing the process.

If you face any problems with sync of iphone library with dropbox let us know through comment section and we will help you to sort it out.

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