How to Get the Fastest High Speeds Internet With a Dial-Up Modem

For some people, having dial-up Internet service is not a choice, it is their only option. If you are an individual who uses dial-up, you will notice that the speeds can be excruciatingly slow. You can spend a lot of time staring at blank screens and waiting for data to appear. You can speed up your dial-up Internet service in several different ways. They won’t make your dial-up speed service as fast as high speed service, but you will see significant improvement.

  1. Contact your Internet Service Provider to see if they have a higher speed dial-up Internet service to which you can subscribe.
  2. Choose a different Internet access number to dial if other numbers are available. A lot of times, the numbers will be congested because many users are dialing into the same number. By changing to a less congested number, you can see faster speeds immediately.
  3. Ensure that you have a 56K modem. The 56K modem is the fastest modem you can get outside of high speed Internet connection software, such as cable modems, DSL and ISDN. If you do not have a 56K modem, consider upgrading to a faster modem.
  4. Configure your modem settings to ensure maximum performance. To locate your modem settings, open your “Device Manager” that is located in the “Hardware” section your computer’s Control Panel. Click on the name of the modem you are using. Underneath the “Modem” tab, change the “Port Speed” to “115,000.” Click the “Advanced” tab to select “Advanced Port Settings.” Change the port to “COM 2.” Save your settings by clicking “OK” to close the window.
  5. Clear your “Cache” “Cookies,” “History” and “Temporary Internet Files.” If you are running Internet Explorer, you can accomplish this by clicking on “Tools” and “Internet Options.” For FireFox, click on “Tools” and “Clear Private Data.”
  6. Use a short telephone cable instead of a long one. The longer the cable, the further the data packets have to travel, which results in slower speeds.
  7. Purchase and install dial-up acceleration software on your computer, such as Proxyconn, cFos, and Speed Freak.

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