How to Get Retweeted and Become Popular on Tweeter

I bet that you want to have a bunch of followers and to be popular on Twitter. To get all that things, we can start from the little thing, make your twitter to be interesting, fun, and useful for others. By doing so, I’m sure that a lot of people will re-tweet your tweeter. And then, how can we make people re-tweet us?

Here are few tips to make your twiter popular :

Use a simple and memorable username. Twitter provides you a 15 characters username. The longer your username, the less character limit on our tweet when it’s retweeted by others.

Preserve a sufficient character limit, so it’s easy enough for your followers to retweet you. If you write something long enough, then others have to delete some of your tweet if they want to retweet you. Obviously this won’t ease your follower on retweetting. Don’t ever use a long tweet, moreover if it takes a tweet longer to do so, since it won’t be good enough to be viewed.

Study your followers, what they want to know and what they want to read. So you will easily persuade other people to retweet you.

Share unique and urgent information.

Try to be the first about headlines.

Pour some useful links, which have interesting information.

Always use to shorten the link you want to share. Why? Because your link will get shorten as the longer character link. So then your link won’t be truncated when you are retweeted.

Be consistent! People will come to enjoy your timeline if you are consistent in talking problems.

Don’t be a robot! If you use tweeterfeed for scheduling and copying others tweet, I assure you it will be considered as a spam.

Use a good and right language! How can people understand what you’re talking about if you are using a language that only you and god who knows it …

So that are some tips from, to make yout tweet flooded by follower’s retweet. Have some other tips? Come and share your experiences below with your comments

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