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For you who want to buy a flash disk, i think it’s sort of good idea to know how to choose the right one. Don’t just buy, and don’t just because of the good look so you buy the flash disk. You have to look closer to what they have and what they don’t. Here are some cool tips to choose the good and the right flash drive.

Software Support : you can choose the flash disk with controlling chip on it. This controlling chip will help you to install the USB flash disk with portable softwares, such as : Security Software, Partition Software, File Synchronization, and many more. Security Software is very important tofor you, to assure your sensitive data not to fall to the unauthorized parties. You can pick the flash disks that are compatible with many operating systems, without any driver needed (no certain driver dependency).

Check the data transfer speed.

As the matter of fact, the speed of transfer rate of USB 2.0 is about 14 Mbps – 24 Mbps. Unfortunately, the speed will decrease on USB cable or USB hub. The speed of USB 2.0 is faster than USB 1.0, which is 1.5 Mbps.

Check the design and the set.

Not only the design and the physical model to be checked, but also the set of the product, such as the straps, the casing, CD driver package, waterproof set, manual lock outside the casing, USB cable, and other accessories.

Check the capacity

Choose the flash disk that at least fit to your need, so you don’t have to buy another one in the future. Nowadays ideal size is 2GB (considered sufficient for daily need of data storage). And don’t forget to adjust the need with your budget.

Finger Print Flash Drive

Check the guarantee

Choose the life time guarantee, even though the average use of flash disk is about 2 or 3 years. People usually feel bored or need bigger capacity after this average usage time, so then they want to buy another one. This makes people think that they only need 2 or 3 years guarantee for their flash disk.

Notice the manufacturer and distributor information

Choose a flash disk with a high reliability and a trusted service center. Don’t forget to make sure the authority of the producer and distributor’s information. Make sure you can easily contact them for support. This will be helpful for you when you are having problems with your flash disk or when you want to claim the warranty. These things is just in case if the store sold the flash disk is not in purpose to be claimed of your warranty.

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