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How to Block Friends on Facebook

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    How to Block Friends on Facebook
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    You can block certain people you want on Facebook. Facebook has integrated feature to block your friend on Facebook. With this feature then you can control who can interact with you on Facebook.

    People who have blocked can not interact again with you on Facebook. Friendship or any relationship you have with people on FB that would break up

    Blocking your friends who have been going to see you on Facebook chat, but they will not be able anymore to interact with you. So if you want to block one of your contacts from Facebook, follow the method written below

    Block Friends on Facebook

    1 – Login to Facebook

    2 – Navigate to Accounts >> Privacy Settings

    3 – Click on Block List option

    4 – Here enter the Person name, or Email  address to whom you want to block and click Block button and that’s all

    This is probably the simplest way and already there is to know. For those who do not know about the option Block People on Facebook, follow the instructions above

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