How to backup thunderbird contacts

how to backup thunderbird contacts
In order to backup thunderbird contacts, data and email you can make use of two options to get it done. One is doing it manually and another one through backup utility. We will guide you through each option one by one to aid you how to backup thunderbird contacts

By manually copying the Thunderbird data folder

Always there exists a folder inside your computer where Thunderbird stores all the data inside it. However the folder location does vary with different versions of operating system, so in order to check out which folder they are, just follow these steps:

1. Open Thunderbird

2. Open “Tools” Menu

3. Click on “Account Settings“

4. On the white vertical column on the left, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see “Local folders“. Click there and on the right side you’ll see the path to the local folder. In the path there is a folder named “Thunderbird” that’s the one you have to copy to the location where you want to make a back up of the things.

For Windows users up to XP, the folder where you can find the “Thunderbird” folder is: C:Documents and SettingsApplication Data For Vista and 7, the folder is: C:UsersAppDataRoaming On Linux, the Thunderbird data folder can be one of the following, but it depends on the distribution you’re using: ~/.thunderbird/ ~/.mozilla-thunderbird

For a Mac user, the place where you can find the Thunderbird folder is: /Users/[your-username]/Library/ /Users/[your-username]/Library/Application Support/

Note: Make sure that you have selected “Show hidden folders” because most of the times these thunderbird folders are hidden You just have to open the file explorer of your system, go to that place, go to “/Users/[your-username]/Library/” (in the example) and copy the “Thunderbird” folder to the destination of your choice, which may be an external drive, an online place like Dropbox, etc…

Whereas if you want to restore your backup, then just copy the Thunderbird folder from your backup location to the place where it belongs.

how to backup thunderbird contacts

By using a backup utility

You can also make use of MozBackup a powerful tool for creating backups of Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc

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