Get the Old Classic Chat Interface Back in Facebook Using Extension

First time I saw new Facebook Chat sidebar is ugly! This new feature is useless and eat much space. New chat sidebar also removed groups that we arrange in old classic format. In others words, we can’t hide from someone that we don’t want to chat. Luckily, I found a nice extension that can revert the new sidebar to classic sidebar.

This extension called Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler which a free extension which helps you in disabling the new chat sidebar and return the good old normal chat window back. You only need to install the extension and you’ll get the classic one. 

I compared the new sidebar and classic as picture below. It showed offline contacts are appear in sidebar for the new sidebar. But the classic nothing more  I can say, you all knew the differences.

Classic/Old Chat Facebook

To get it, just install this extension :

You can also can use special page to chat on Facebook. There a lots ways to get it. Use which one is comfortable for you.

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