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When you think about free iPhone apps, you might think only about some free iPhone apps and games which can be said to be the one beneficial to have fun. If that kind of apps is the one that you always look for, it seems to be the time for you to look for something different that will give you great functions instead of some fun only. Here are some examples of them.

Free iPhone Apps for Outdoor Activities

The first example of the free iPhone apps is the ones that will be beneficial in some outdoor activities, such as camping, mount climbing, and many others. The first app that is suggested for you to have here is called as GPS Kit. This kind of app will be beneficial to show you the right way to go. There is also Sun Compass, which function is quite the same with the previous example. The difference is because it will only show direction.

Other example of free iPhone apps for some activities done outdoor is Army Survival. This one will be great to use when you go camping. Inside it, you will be able to find some guides that will surely beneficial out there. There is also an app called as Pocket First Aid & CPR. The functions given by this add will be useful when you face some emergency situations, such as when you or your friends get hurt. The free iPhone apps download for all of those apps can be found via internet and they might also available in App Store.

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Free iPhone Apps for Housewives

It is quite surprising that there are also some apps which are designed especially for housewives who use IOS. For example, there is an app known as Dinner Spinner Pro. This example of free iPhone apps is surely a help because people can get the most suitable recipe to cook in certain length of time they have.

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