Fotobounce – Upload and Download Photos on Facebook and Flickr

Fotobounce is one of the client desktop application that provides many features to help you manage photos on Facebook and Flickr directly from your desktop without having to open the site through a browser. Although very many features provided, this application is freeware

With Fotobounce application you can easily download to an existing Photo Album in Facebook, uploading photos to Facebook and Flickr gallery, or just look at the photos there as slideshow without having to download the photos locally 
Download feature is available on Fotobounce not only limited to your own poto album, but you are free to browse and download all the album poto from friends who opted as a friend to your Facebook account. With this course will allow you to open the photo album again after you download when you are in a state offline

Fotobounce also has a facial recognition feature (similar to what we do on Google’s Picasa) so you can quickly tag photos on the desktop and to tag your friends, and this tag will be preserved when uploaded into Facebook.

All the above features you can easily use and just a few clicks just so you can easily to manage your existing photos on Facebook or Flickr

Download : Fotobounce

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