Find Friend Nearby : Facebook’s New Mobile App To Locate People Around You

facebook find friend nearbyWe are very much aware of the fact that facebook is now top ranked social network in the whole world Facebook is now continuously bringing new opportunities, applications and innovative plans to help its users in each and every ways.

Technology is so advanced these days that you can access facebook form your mobile devices also. In relation to that facebook is now planning for its latest feature “find friends nearby”. This feature will allow mobile facebook users to find and search friends nearby.

Facebook has launched a new feature called Find Friends Nearby that allows you to find other site users present nearby. The new feature which quietly came into being locates Facebook users in the vicinity via geo-location and displays them in a list. It’s important to note that the feature does not act as a friend tracker but can only be used to add new friends. With the help of this application mobile facebook users will be able to find their lost friends, can view their photographs, information and also can send them friendship request.

facebook find friend nearby

 Initially the software is called as “friendshake” and is also accessible through URL “find friends nearby”. Facebook is now focusing in creating new services to meet new people rather than building more connectivity with already known persons. This app will definitely help its users to discover new friends around them with having things common between them. The feature is still not launched but it is alive and quite visible for those who are desperately searching for it.

To access the service one has to log on to the page, give Facebook permission to use your location and wait for the search to determine who else is nearby. So what we can conclude form here above is facebook is trying newer things to help its users in a great way of searching friends.


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