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These days, almost all Facebook users already use the interface “Facebook Timeline“. It’s true that to change the interface from the old Facebook to Facebook timeline need agreement from the users to activate. But in the near future, it might be automatically changed without asking the permission from the users. It means, every normal user is going to change their interface to Facebook timeline like Facebook developers accounts which already have timeline even before it released to public.

One of the most interesting things from Facebook timeline is the cover picture which can be shown on the profile account of the Facebook users. Of course by putting an interesting cover picture will make our Facebook profile looks interesting. Here i will give some tips for you in putting and deciding the right size for the cover picture on Facebook Timeline.

To edit or change the setting of your new Facebook cover it can be done directly by uploading normal picture, but it will be better if the size of  your Facebook cover have the right size so it won’t need any cropping process which might cut the picture. So we need to prepare picture with the right Facebook cover size which is 851 x 315. By preparing an image with that size. The Facebook cover profile will seen better.

What is Facebook Timeline cover’s resolution ? Facebook cover size is 851 px x 315 px

To prepare picture or photo for Facebook Timeline Cover with size of 851 x 315, you can do it with picture editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel, ACD See or other picture editing program.

Facebook Timeline Image Measurements

  •  Facebook cover photo size : 850 x 315 pixels – that’s 850 wide by 315 high
  • Facebook profile image size : 180 x 180 pixels square
  • Facebook navigation tab size : 110 x 74 pixels – that’s 110 wide by 74 high
  • Facebook custom pages – such as welcome pages and entry forms – are expected to be 810 pixels wide (they were 520 pixels) however there is talk is this may change so stay tuned
  • Facebook milestone image size : 843 x 403 pixels – that’s 843 wide by 403 high
  • Here are the cover photo, profile image and navigation tab sizes in action :

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