Easypad 3.00 beta – Beatiful Appearance Notepad Application

Easypad is a simple notepad tool that can be used as a replacement for Windows default notepad. What makes this Easypad so different is its interface, which is much more eye-catching and beautiful than Windows default notepad. Easypad appearance was adopted from Microsoft Office 2010. Though its appearance is better and attractive, this application is still fast ang light to open and use.

Special Features :

  • Spell Check – It automatically check the spellings from the documents. Spelling errors will be underlined with red color. You can get a suggestion by right clicking on it.
  • Change Ribbon Direction and Text Direction – It change the direction of Ribbon Items.
  • Drop-Down list to Choose Font – All System fonts are allowed. You can choose by clicking list and then the font which you like.
  • More Text Colors and Ribbon Themes
  • Customizable Selection Color
  • Taskbar improvements

You can get this application for free, as you can use it to replace your Windows default notepad. So for you guys who have been using your ordinary notepad, now you can put your eyes on this Easypad, to start writing documents, notes, and other writings.

EasyPad 3.00

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