Discontinue Support for Ageia PhysX, Nvidia Focus to GeForce

Nvidia officially, has discontinued support for the Ageia Physics Processing Units. Now manufacturers are focused to support the technology from the GeForce product only

PhysX driver unfortunately does not currently support the Ageia PPU hardware. Support for Ageia PPU had been terminated after the driver version 8.xx.xx, “said one of the technicians who respond to a question Nvidia users who complain about the problems his Ageia cards are no longer able to work, as quoted from Toms Hardware, May 8, 2010.

The technician said, Nvidia is currently considering to release a new driver that supports the Ageia PPU. But it was still under discussion and no plans to bring the driver.

As is known, in February 2008 and Nvidia acquired Ageia to strengthen the technological capabilities held by the GeForce graphics. Unfortunately, only certain games that support Ageia’s physic

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