Differences Between Cloud Linux and Cloud Server – Cloud Server/Hosting is not the same with Cloud Linux

Lot of internet users and site owners still misguided and haven’t understand the differences between Cloud Linux and Cloud server, and my friend read advertisement from some hosting provider which offering cloud server/hosting with a really cheap price, but after check the detailed it’s not Cloud Hosting. They just offering VPS and Cloud Linux, to know more about Cloud Linux you can read on my posting her before … Explanation About Cloud Linus OS. So what is Cloud Server ??

The most important thing to know is that Cloud Linux and VPS is not Cloud Server! Because Cloud server have requirement such as below :

  • Consist of more than 1 server! If it’s only 1 server it’s not cloud
  • Failover: automatically if 1 server down it’ll be taken by other server
  • Load Balancing: weight automatically distributed to server which in the cloud member.
  • Session Maintenance: automatically maintain session id on cloud level, so when service transfer happen, session will stay maintained.

Unfortunately there are still web hosting provider who use word in advertisement to make it seems that VPS and Cloud Linux is the same with Cloud Server, and they also not explained the detail about what the differences between Cloud Linux and Cloud Server.

Hopefully with this post you will understand that Cloud Linux and VPS is not Cloud Server. So you won’t be fooled in choosing hosting for your sites.

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