Closer Look On New Toshiba Excite 13 inch Tablet

toshiba excite 13Those old school days are gone when people were exited for new cell phone releases. But as the days passed technologies moved to higher levels and now it’s the time for “tablets”. All the hype is now shifted towards it. In relation to that, Toshiba is now trying to compete moving toe to toe with other brands by their new and innovative production of “Toshiba excite 13 inch tablet”.


It is quite better than other tablets as it is powered by android 4.0 OS with NVIDIA graphics. Cool graphics to hang out with.


It has a sleek silver design with screen size of 13.5 inches wide, 8.25 inches tall and o.4 inch thick brilliant metallic finish .its back silver-grayish plastic material, textured with small plastic circles.

Camera quality

It has got 5 megapixels camera with many features like digital zooming, panoramic shots, and different balance options with different scenes.

toshiba excite 13


It is preloaded with a number of Google apps, Gmail, Google plus, navigator, the play store etc. the ambient noise equalizer present in Toshiba excite adjusts volume according to the noise of the area. It also supports third party features like kaspersky tablet security, Amazon mp3 etc.


The Toshiba excite is built in with gorilla glass display and having a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. Multiple viewers can enjoy without any problem because of the intensive viewing angle.

What’s good about it?

It has a zippy quad-core processor and a front-facing camera that helps in shooting some brilliant pictures. It uses android 4.0 OS.

What’s bad about it?

The mammoth size of the tab makes it unfit to carry easily in your purse, also it doesn’t allows videos that don’t support its aspect ratio.

Conclusion: With all its eye-catching features “the new Toshiba excite 13 is a decent tablet with powerful processor. Only the size is on the slower side. Toshiba excite 13 inch is designed on keeping “bigger the better” in mind. You can have the 32GB Toshiba excite 13  tablet with just $649 (32 GB) in your pocket. With all these features this is the must buy tablet   that makes you ahead from the world .


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